GS16 Atomizer

GS16 Atomizer (510 Thread)

GS16 Atomizer

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GS16 Atomizer (510 Thread)

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Length: 74.19mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Capacity: 2.6ml
Color: silver
Thread Type: 510 thread
GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Thread

The GS16 atomizer is a beautifully designed atomizer made of quality materials like steel and Pyrex glass. It features a pluggable mouthpiece and a BDC atomizer that ensures large amounts of vapor under low voltage, no burning taste under high voltage, and no leaks.

GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Details

We recommend you try the GS16 with theiTwist mega

GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 iTwist Mega


Glass Tube

The window conveniently lets you see how much e-juice is left and when it's time to refill.
Large E Liquid Capacity

It can hold up to 2.6ml of e liquid

Smooth Surface

The surface of the GS16 is smooth because it integrates the glass tube in a seamless connection.
GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Smooth Surface
GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Changeable Mouthpiece Changeable Mouthpiece

The GS16 atomizer features a changeable mouthpiece that is easy to replace. Its ergonomic design gives you a comfortable vaping experience.
Custom Base

Straight grain knurling base improves grip making it easier to replace the atomizer head.
GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Base
GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Thread Types Two Types of Thread

There are two thread types to choose from, 510 thread and eGo thread. This makes the GS16 very compatible with a variety of products

Replaceable BDC Atomizer Head

The replaceable BDC atomizer head comes available in two values of resistance, 1.8 ohm and 1.6 ohm, delivering functionality as well as a better vaping experience. Its dual coil structure ensures large amounts of vapor under low voltage, no burning taste under high voltage, and no leaks.

How to Add E Liquid

1. Unscrew base from connector
2. Slowly squeeze e liquid into either one of the two small side openings. Be careful not to add liquid into pipe located at center of tube.

GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Liquid Fill

How to Replace BDC Atomizer Head

1. Unscrew base from connector.
2. Pull out the BDC atomizer head from base and replace with a new one.

GS16 Atomizer Glass 510 Atomizer Head

Recommended Battery: iTwist Mega Battery

GS16 Atomizer Recommendation

The GS16 atomizer is specially designed for the iTwist Mega Battery and it also matches with iStick 20Wand Mini iStick(10W, 20W). The combination of both will make the best of your vaping experience.

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