eVic Starter Kit

eVic Starter Kit

eVic Starter Kit

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eVic Starter Kit

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Notice: Each Joyetech brand eVic kit comes with a serial number. Please be sure that your eVic kit is authentic by checking for this serial number before purchase. Any Joyetech branded eVic without a serial number will not be provided warranty or after-sale service.

Joyetech eVic Electronic Cigarette APV Device The eVic Starter Kit includes:

1 × eVic Control Head
1 × eVic Battery Tube
1 × Rechargeable 2600mah 18650 Samsung Battery
1 × eVic USB Cable
1 × eVic Wall Adapter
1 × eVic Manual
1 × MVR Manual
Vapor Intelligent Cigarette

The eVic’s revolutionary visual operating system lets you record and manage your vaping history. Its extra-large battery capacity gives you the freedom to enjoy your e-cigarette longer.

Joyetech eVic Electronic Cigarette APV Device Breakdown

eVic Visual Operating System
Joyetech eVic E Cig APV Display Functions Diagram
Innovative High Temperature Warning System Version and Upgradable Firmware
Joye eVic high temperature gauge warning system Select "Version" and click enter to see software version.
Joye eVic Upgradable Firmware and Version Updates

Joye eVic Twisting Functions and Usage Instructions


* Visual Operating System
* Temperature Monitoring
* Output Short Circuit Protection
* Output Open Circuit Protection
* Overtime Working Protection
* Low Voltage Protection

eVic is a milestone in smart electronic cigarettes because it allows you to:
  • Easily operate eVic through rotating directional key
  • Adjust output power from 2.0W to 11W and output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V
  • Conveniently use your computer or wall adapter to charge
  • Choose from a variety of atomizers
Joye eVic Battery Breakdown with Samsung 18650 battery Features of eVic Battery:

* Model: SAMSUNG 18650
* 2600mAh high-safety, extra large capacity, and high-stability dedicated lithium battery.
* NOTE: Never stack two batteries or use batteries that are not allowed for use in the eVic.

Universal Accessories:

The eVic uses a versatile intelligent electronic cigarette battery. It’s not just for use with eVic since it can be assembled directly on Joyetech 510 and eGo series atomizers.
It may also be used with various other atomizers using an adapter.

Joye eVic e cigarette Universal Atomizer Capability

Joyetech eVic My Vapor Record Program and Installation Joyetech My Vapor Record

My Vapor Record (MVR) is a special PC software for eVic. It has a professional data statistics function that accurately documents your vaping history. You can conveniently access, track, and manage your records from a computer.

Power On/Off
Turn device on and off
Date setting
Set time and date manually
or automatically through MVR
Battery Indicator
Displays remaining power and gives warning at 5%
Chart Analysis
After connecting to computer, you will
have full access to your vaping history
Variable Voltage
Adjustable output voltage
Device parameters
Displays atomizer resistance,
voltage output, and battery wattage
Standby Setting
Set screen standby time
Set system standby time
Battery protection
Overheating protection, short circuit protection,
low voltage protection, battery inversion protection
Puff Setting
Display/renew current puff number
Set remaining puff number
Energy Saving
Screen will switch to sleep mode when not used
System will switch to sleep mode when not in use
Usage display
Shows vaping time on screen
PC operation
Conveniently modify changes through computer connection

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