eCom Atomizer Body (tube+base)

eCom atomizer body (tube+base)

eCom Atomizer Body (tube+base)

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eCom Atomizer Body (tube+base)

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eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Tube And Base Include:

eCom atomizer tube, eCom atomizer base

Leak Proof

The upper air inlet and outlet make the eCom leak-proof.
eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Adjustable Air Intake Inflow and Leak Proof Design

eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Adjustable Air Intake Inflow and Leak Proof Design Adjustable Air Inflow

The atomizer's inlet valve enables air inflow to be adjusted. Different amounts of air inflow create a different vaping experience.

E Liquid Filling

To fill liquid, unscrew mouthpiece. You will notice an opening located opposite of the air inlet valve on atomizer tube. Pour desired amount of e-juice into this opening.
eCom E Cigarette Atomizer E Liquid Filling Instruction Diagram

eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Airflow Adjustment with Special Tool Diagram
To Adjust the Air Inflow

The eCom comes with a specially designed tool to adjust air inflow. Use small topside of tool to control the direction of air inlet.

eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Airflow Adjustment Levels eCom E Cigarette Atomizer Airflow Adjustment Assembly Diagram
When inlet is placed as:
Picture 1: heavy draw, just like the eGo-T and eGo-C
Picture 2: normal draw
Picture 3: easy draw, like the eGo-CC

eCom E Cigarette C2 Atomizer Head Placement
Newly Designed C2 Atomizer Head

The atomizer C2 head is newly designed, with 2.4ohm resistance and a max load of up to 4.5V, it can work under high voltage. It is immersed in e-liquid while in use which means it can produce thick rich vapor in a short time. It will prevent vaping once e-juice runs out, which will lengthen its service life.

eCom E Cigarette C2 Atomizer Head Replacement with Special Tool Instructions Diagram
Atomizer Head Replacement

Use the special tool provided to unscrew atomizer base counterclockwise, then unscrew atomizer head clockwise, and pull out.

  • Do not unscrew atomizer head too loose because it will get stuck in the silicone.
  • Screw atomizer head on atomizer tube when assembling, do not push it in.

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