Delta 2 Atomizer

Delta 2 atomizer

Delta 2 Atomizer

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Delta 2 Atomizer

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Delta 2 Atomizer Title

Delta 2 Atomizer Single
The revolutionary Delta 2 features a user-friendly adjustment of air inflow. With the new Liquid Valve Control (LVC) head and the new changeable sub ohm RBA coil, the Delta II can be used on a wide range of wattage from 20 watts to 45 watts. The all stainless steel construction creates an environmental puff.

Delta 2 Atomizer Box Includes:

1* Delta II Mouthpiece
1* Delta II Tube
1* Delta II Base
2* Delta II LVC head(0.5ohm)
Delta 2 Atomizer Details


Delta II Atomizer:
Height: 70.5mm
Diameter: 22mm
Capacity: 3.5ml
Delta 2 Atomizer Dimensions
Delta 2 Atomizer Mouthpiece

Shift Between LVC Atomizer Head and RBA Coil

Delta II LVC

The Delta 2 LVC (Liquid Valve Control) atomizer head, with 0.5ohm resistance, can create huge cloud production. Also, rotate the ring on the head clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the liquid valve.

Customers need to choose suitable battery which matches Sub Coil, which does NOT support low-wattage batteries.
Delta 2 Atomizer LVC

Delta 2 Atomizer RBA Details Delta II RBA

The Delta 2 RBA coil is convenient for customers to rebuild and replace coils as they wish and is economical but not low-end for better vapor experience.

Delta 2 Atomizer RBA

All-metal top to bottom, being stainless and anti-corrosive, plus three glass transparent windows.

Delta 2 Atomizer Stainless Steel

Adjustment of Airflow

Rotate the ring on the atomizer base clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the inlet valve.

Delta 2 Atomizer Adjustable Airflow

E-Liquid Filling

Unscrew the atomizer tube from the Delta 2 base. Simply refill e-Liquid into the hole from the bottom along the inwall of Delta 2 tube.

1.Please DO NOT refill the e-liquid into the small hole in the center of the atomizer tube.
2.When you unscrew the Delta IIĀ­ base from the atomizer tube, the atomizer head may become loose, so do remember to tighten it before re-screw the atomizer base on the tube.
Delta 2 Atomizer E-Liquid Fill

Replacement of Atomizer Head

Unscrew the atomizer cone, the atomizer head is located on the base, just unscrew it and replace a new one.

Delta 2 Atomizer Head Replacement

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